How Cannabis Grinders Can Fix and Strengthen America’s Broken Supply Chain

Hear us out! American-made cannabis grinders like Phoenician Grinders create jobs right here at home. Here’s how…

Ever since the international economy ground to a halt in 2020 when global supply chains were severed by a worldwide pandemic, American consumers have found it increasingly difficult to reliably receive goods and services that were perhaps taken for granted not so long ago.

With our own economy here in the U.S. poised for a massive rebound with the lifting of various health-related mandates and restrictions, every American consumer will be empowered to decide with every dollar they spend whether or not we allow ourselves to settle for a return to “the way things used to be”, with a fragile supply chain wholly dependent on foreign trade.

Don't get it twisted! There is nothing wrong with global trade, in theory.

Many countries, including the U.S., produce unique and valuable goods that other countries may covet. Conversely, many of those same nations export goods that we do not produce domestically, so we import them to meet demand.

However, that symbiotic system has mutated over the years to the point where entire American cities - once proud and sustainable manufacturing hubs - are now shells of their former selves as it became far cheaper to import those goods from other countries instead.

Think of it as the cost of convenience. It was happening long before 2020.


Bringing manufacturing jobs back to America has a direct impact on job creation, not only on assembly lines, but up and down the supply chain. If all of the links of that chain are forged by other American-made companies using domestically sourced labor and materials, both the short-term and long-term integrity of the chain will be at its strongest.

One look around most smokeshops or head shops here in the U.S. will reveal hundreds of imported smoking products - from glass pipes and bongs to weed grinders, and more. These products are often imitations or knock-offs of well-designed and popular American-made products, making them hard to tell apart from those made in the USA.

However, 99% of the time there is a surefire dead giveaway that the product before you was made somewhere like China, South Korea, or Taiwan then shipped here to be sold and that clue is the price.

Look at herb grinders, for a perfect example. A “large” 4-piece weed grinder can retail anywhere from $15 to $125+.

Of course, some are made entirely of plastic, and who wants to smoke plastic? Because you will end up smoking plastic.

Others are made of wood and metal and look like a brush for a horse instead of anything you’d want to put your buds in.

But even large metal cannabis grinders can have a huge variation in price, and that difference can almost always be chalked up to whether it is an American made weed grinder or a foreign import.

You may be one of those folks who thinks, “I’ll just buy a cheap herb grinder so I have more money to spend on the herb!”

Ok, but consider the fact that the herb, as we know, comes and goes my friend… but a high-quality cannabis grinder made in the USA can quite literally serve you at every sesh for the rest of your days.

Besides, you wouldn’t buy Chinese cannabis just because it looked similar but came cheaper, would you?

Would you?!?

The embodiment of the sage wisdom of “Treat Yoself!”, an American made cannabis grinder is a worthy one-time purchase for you or perhaps the most thoughtful gift imaginable for a heady friend.

When you make that decision with your hard-earned American dollars, you not only support an American made grinder brand like Phoenician Grinders, your support reverberates out and strengthens the American supply chain from end to end.

Here are 5 ways that buying an American made Phoenician Grinder can make America great again: 

1. Raw Materials

Phoenician Grinders are made from domestically-sourced and DFARS compliant aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum.
This is the same aluminum that is utilized for applications in airplanes, rockets, satellites and medical devices.
An important distinction, yet one often overlooked, is the fact that our material is DFARS (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement) compliant and melted in the United States.
This certification ensures the material is pure and free from cheaper contaminants from being used and passed off as the same alloy and temper.

By sourcing our key materials domestically, not only do we avoid any future disruptions to the supply of those materials on the global market, but we keep those USA-based companies, their American employees, and their local communities working and prospering.

Many import grinders and other imported aluminum/metal products are marketed under the aerospace aluminum umbrella when in fact they are far from the same material utilized by these applications.  


american made grinder


2. Domestic Manufacturing

By keeping our vertically-integrated operation right here in the U.S., the level of quality-control for Phoenician Grinders is unrivaled, and certainly cannot be matched by any imported competing product. This is why we can honestly say that Phoenician Grinders are truly “medical-grade” cannabis grinders.
Phoenician Grinders are designed and made by American cannabis connoisseurs, for cannabis connoisseurs and our finely-tuned CNC machinery runs 24/7 in locations in the MidWest just to meet the rising demand for the best weed grinder on the market.
We don’t own those factories or machines (yet!), but instead we enter into mutually beneficial manufacturing partnerships with real American businesspeople who employ hard-working folks right out of their local communities.
Everyone wins, see where we are going with this?

3. Marketing

Once a fresh batch of American made Phoenician herb grinders has met the rigorous manufacturing and quality control inspections and is deemed ready to sell, well… it’s time to sell it! That’s where we come in here at Phoenician Grinders.
Our office staff isn’t huge (yet!), but we too hire right out of the grassroots of our culture and our community and our team expertly threads the needle of hyping the brand and product line while making space and providing tools for retailer headshops and smoke shops to do the same.
Phoenician Grinders pops up at some of the hottest trade shows from coast to coast, helping those events thrive, and we enjoy great working relationships with print shops, content creators, advertising outlets, and other opportunities to employ others to do what they do best to help our brand look its best.

4. Shipping & Handling

Honestly, those fresh batches of Phoenician Grinders don’t sit around for long before they are sold out again, but we do have our own warehouse and a badass staff that runs it.

All retail and wholesale orders are picked and packed and checked and rechecked before being shipped off to their final destination.
From the Phoenician employees packing your order to the mail carriers who get it from our place to yours, just more American jobs that are supported every time you buy a cannabis grinder made in the USA by Phoenician Grinders.

These employees take their wages and spend them in the American economy. Imagine if all U.S.-based companies put this much emphasis on keeping their supply chain domestic, even if it costs them a few nickels per widget.

5. Retail

At Phoenician Grinders, our roots run very deep in the headshop and smokeshop supply chain, from manufacturing to distribution, placing our products in some of the finest stores and glass galleries in the country.
Do Phoenician Grinders cost more that the pile of janky, painted, plastic crap surrounding them on the shelf? Yes, they do, and in this case you truly get what you pay for.
Not only that, our price point allows your favorite smokeshop to actually make some money, unlike when you opt for “whatever’s cheapest”.
When your friends show up to the sesh and their jaws drop when they see and use your Phoenician Grinder, send them to the shop where you bought it.
They sell more American made herb grinders, so they buy more to restock the shelves.

That restarts and empowers the entire domestic supply chain and the Butterfly Effect of benefits outlined above, and it all starts with your conscious decision to TREAT YOSELF and add a Phoenician Grinder to your stash.

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