Customization Kit-Accessory-Phoenician Grinders


Our Grinder Customization Kit is available in all 3 sizes;

Small, Medium or Large.

The Grinder Customization Kit

Our grinders include a standard 300 micron screen that can be easily replaced. All of our grinder screens are laser cut ensuring quality & consistency. Furthermore, our screens are domestically sourced & made with 304 stainless steel, guaranteeing our medical grade promise.

We recognize that in time heavy users may want to replace their grinder screen. We also find that our users needs vary based on the moisture content & consistency of their herbs which is usually a factor of their region, climate & curing.

When it comes to filtering your herbs, one size micron does not fit all. To solve this problem, we designed our grinders to allow for the screen to be easily replaced & switched out with a micron that suits your season, climate & herbs.

Each Customization Kit Includes:

  • 1 standard 300 micron screen (regular)
  • 1 course 400 micron screen
  • 1 fine 180 micron screen
  • 1 screen screw
  • 1 lexon ring
  • 1 allen key
  • 1 guitar pic
  • 1 sticker

How To Replace Your Grinder Screen