phoenician engineering smart design for the perfect grind

Our mission is rooted in a passion for engineering & manufacturing quality weed grinders with innovative features, luxury aesthetic & superior functionality that you won't find anywhere else. 

Phoenician Grinders are designed to resolve common issues with generic grinders. Our smart features solve problems and elevate your smoking experience for life.

We believe that when you couple smart design with quality manufacturing, you raise the bar in your market, and that is just what we are here to do. 


Our 4 Piece Grinders have several smart features that set us apart from the competition.

To begin, instead of the generic threaded closure seen on 99.9% of grinders, we utilize a patented quick lock wedge to conjoin and release the various sections without risk of jamming or cross threading. This easy to use closure system is a game changer!

Our flagship 4 Piece Large with Paper-holder & Ashtray is our most loved product for 10 years running. These patented features take your sacred sesh to the next level, at home or on the go.

The screen section of the 4 piece grinders incorporates a thick stainless steel removable & replaceable screen that is supported by a fibonacci spiral inspired brace. This design allows the screen to rest in its natural state while fully supported.

We offer our filter screens in 3 different micron sizes, with purchase of our Upgrade Kit. This gives users the ability to ensure pollen collection regardless of the climate & moisture of their herbs.

The consistency your weed is controlled more efficiently through the inverse trapezoid shape of the fall through section. This shape works in conjunction with the teeth design and results in the fewest lid rotations necessary to completely grind the herbs. 

PRO TIP: For a finer grind, hold the grinder upside down and add a few more turns. This will produce a finer grind while still maintaining your trichrome integrity. 

All of our grinders have diametrically cut razor sharp teeth, designed to cut rather than shred, smash & tear. By reducing friction we preserve trichrome integrity for a more enjoyable smoking experience. 

Our teeth are positioned to engage incrementally in a shearing or cutting motion similar to scissors. Other herb grinders typically have substantially more teeth and use friction to shred, tear and smash your beautiful buds & tasty trichomes.

The bottom chamber in both our 2 Piece and 4 Piece grinders features a smooth beveled shape to optimize the collection of pollen with a smooth swipe of our custom pollen spoon. 






Our Classic Grinders come in both 2 Piece & 4 Piece sizes with Small, Medium & Large Diameters. Each size is offered in 8 anodized colors. 

Our Large 4 Piece has two variations. Choose from our Traditional Flat Top or our flagship product, the Large with Paperholder & Ashtray. This grinder is our #1 most loved grinder! 

In total, we have 56 options for you within our Classic Collection. 



We currently produce 2 Limited Edition Collections. The Universe & Luna Collection. 

You might be wondering, what makes these collections limited & how are they different? 

These grinders are exclusively made in small batches only a couple times a year and they often sell out quickly. They aren't guaranteed to return, as we replace old color ways with new color ways. 

To create our Limited Edition Grinders, we start with our Classic Grinder and pair it with a proprietary ceramic coating- to the exterior of the grinder only. The inside remains its original anodized color. This produces a gorgeous two toned grinder with a rare exterior color that cannot be achieved with anodization. 

This additional manufacturing process is very labor intensive as we meticulously mask all edges to keep the interior untouched. It's a labor of love to make our Limited Edition Grinders and we love that you love them too!



We want to take your Phoenician experience to the next level with some key accessories that help you get the most out of your grinder, for a lifetime! 

A fan favorite, the Upgrade Kit, comes complete with Bumper Rings, as well as a Lexon Ring, Spare Screw, 3 Stainless Steel Screens- in all 3 micron sizes to suit your climate and/or herb moisture levels to maximize pollen collection.

We also offer the Bumper Ring Set, Lexon Ring Set individually. If you really love us, grab some stickers, maybe a hat and a t-shirt too?  



Back by popular demand, we offer custom branded grinders to qualified brands. Know a dispensary, smokeshop or cannabis brand that wants to build their brand with their own smoke accessories? Might as well align your brand with a premium quality product.  Low minimums make it easy! 


At Phoenician Grinders, quality has always been our top priority.  After designing the most highly functional grinder on the market, we vowed to couple it with quality materials to ensure the world's best grinder.
Our grinders are machined with DFARS compliant aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminumThis is the same aluminum that is utilized for applications in airplanes, rockets, satellites and medical devices. Our grinders are durable, strong, heavy & built to last. 
After machining, our grinders undergo a very meticulous Type II-Sulfuric Acid Anodize process to achieve the perfect color while still ensuring the exterior notches line up perfectly.Non-toxic and environmentally friendly: Sulfuric acid anodizing is an environmentally friendly process that produces no harmful byproducts and the resulting anodized layer is non-toxic.
When it comes to magnets, we have many options but of course we chose the best available magnets on the market. Neodymium rare earth magnets are the only way to go in our book. They are also ROHS compliant for responsible environmental protection.
Another very important component of our grinder is the T-316 Stainless Steel Screen. We offer 3 varied sizes of micron to ensure optimal pollen collection regardless of your environmental climate & herb moisture levels. Unlike generic grinders that often retire when their screen breaks, our screens are removable & replaceable. 
Finally, a strong Polycarbonate Lexon Ring is placed onto the second layer of the grinder to ensure a smooth, frictionless twist when grinding.  About 30% stronger than nylon, our lexon rings have excellent resistance to prolonged use, extreme temperatures and UV exposure.
The cherry on top is our custom branded pollen scoop. Shaped like a guitar pick but made of thick durable acrylic, this tool makes all the difference in guaranteeing you get every last bit of pollen you've collected. 


Get your grind on with the confidence of knowing that every Phoenician herb grinder comes backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty