How To Properly Use Your Grinder

With proper use and care, your Phoenician Grinder is protected with a Limited Lifetime Warranty for all functional aspects.

To ensure warranty coverage, you will want to follow the guidelines below on how to properly use your grinder, how to change the screen, replacing the lexon ring, how to clean your grinder, and some do's and don'ts. Improper use may void your warranty.

Grinding Properly 

How To Use Your Phoenician Grinder:

1. Open the top piece of your grinder with a 1/4 turn.

2. Place herb between the diametrically cut teeth of the 2nd piece of your grinder.

3. Replace the top piece of grinder,. You will want to make sure the 2 magnets are touching for proper grinding.

4. While gripping your grinder, turn the top piece clockwise 1/4, now turn counterclockwise 1/4. Repeat this step until all your herb has been ground and dropped down to the next chamber.

5. Once you are done grinding your herb, remove the top 2 pieces with a 1/4 turn using our fast-lock feature.

6. Enjoy!

How Much Herb Per Size Grinder:

This will vary depending on your climate and density of your herb, but a general rule of thumb is to fill your grinder's top piece 50% (the one with the teeth!)

Improperly grinding can result in the following damages:

    • Jamming
    • Damage To The Teeth
    • Damage To The Magnets
    • Damage To The Screen

Changing The Screen

Phoenician Grinders include a standard 300 micron screen that can be easily replaced. All of our grinder screens are laser cut ensuring quality & consistency. Furthermore, our screens are domestically sourced & made with 304 stainless steel, guaranteeing our medical grade promise.

We recognize that in time heavy users may want to replace their grinder screen. We also find that our users needs vary based on the moisture content & consistency of their herbs which is usually a factor of their region, climate & curing.

For this reason, we offer Customization Kits so you can replace the screen of your grinder to suite your needs. Our Customization Kits can be purchased here to customize your screen.

Each Customization Kit comes with the following:

  • 1 standard 300 micron screen (regular)
  • 1 course 400 micron screen
  • 1 fine 180 micron screen
  • 1 screen screw
  • 1 lexon ring
  • 1 allen key

Looking to replace your Phoenician Grinder screen? Watch the video below!

Cleaning Your Grinder Properly 

Phoenician herb grinders are American Made & built to last. With regular use all herb grinders do need to be cleaned from time to time, particularly more-so in humid climates or when used with extra sticky buds. Taking good care of your herb grinder will make sure you get the best and most use of it, while maintaining your warranty coverage. Please follow the directions below to clean your herb grinder.

  • BASIC CLEANING: Soak your Phoenician product in 90-99% isopropyl alcohol ONLY. Let sit for at least 12 hours. After removing, wash the product thoroughly with hot water and soap.
  • EXTRA DIRTY GRINDERS: If needed, you can use a toothbrush or Q-tips to assist in the removal of residue and buildup. You can repeat this process as many times as necessary until you are grinding like new again!
  • NATURAL CLEANING: Pick up a small bottle of hemp oil and gently Q-tip your grinder clean. Be sure to wash thoroughly with soap and hot water before using.
  • DO NOT USE glass cleaners such as 420 Formula® or 710 Formula® to clean your grinder. These products may contain de-natured alcohol and other chemicals that can strip the anodize coating.
  • DO NOT boil your grinder in water. Any damage caused by improper cleaning will void any warranty.

Replacing The Lexon Ring 

The lexon ring is designed to fit perfectly snug for smooth function. Removing it may cause damage to the lexon ring itself, such as stretching or breaking. It is not necessary to remove your Lexon ring unless you are replacing it.

To remove safely, you must EVENLY & SLOWLY lift the ring. Do not stretch or pull the ring off forcefully. To reset the ring, you must also EVENLY & SLOWLY set the ring back into place.

In the event your Lexon ring is damaged when removing, you may purchase a Customization Kit here.

Do's & Don'ts 

Rule #1: Do not overfill!

Rule #2: Do not place herb between the 2 magnets on the top chamber.

Rule #3: Only put herb on one side of the top 2 pieces, so there is room for the teeth to sheer.

Rule #4: To grind, twist your grinder in a 1/4 turn, clockwise then counter clockwise. The teeth will act as scissors and sheer the herb with each motion.

Rule #5: Do not throw grinder.

Rule #6: Do not use anything other than herb in your grinder.

Rule #7: Do not remove the Lexon Ring.

Rule #8: Do not boil your grinder.

Rule #9: Do not leave your grinder in the sun. This can damage the anodized aluminum.

Rule #10: Enjoy your Phoenician Grinder!


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