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The Luna Medium Herb Grinder from Phoenician Grinders is an ideal size, available in white on the outside with an option of 5 eye-catching colors on the inside: Blue, Red, Green, Black, Rasta

Medium Grinder | Luna Collection

Ready For Blastoff! The Luna Collection Medium 4 Piece Grinder from Phoenician sets the standard for medical-grade, anodized aluminum herb grinders. Match your top-shelf flower and your heady glass with grinder up to your smoking standard. Larger than the mini grinder, smaller than the big grinder, perfect size! Our Luna Collection features our 5 classic colors with proprietary coating, making it shine like the moon.

  • Blood Moon: Red
  • Blue Moon: Blue
  • Harvest Moon: Green
  • Super Moon: Rasta
  • Eclipse Moon: Black

The thoughtful and unique design of Phoenician Grinders displays the ingenuity behind the product with every aspect serving in both form and function. Match that with a beautiful, sleek, white coated grinder that looks more like something from outer space than a grinder.

A simple twist of the ergonomically designed top lid unlocks the thread-less engineering that sets Phoenician Grinders apart. That's right - an herb grinder with no threads! A plurality of arced cutter blades on the lid and top tier of the grinder give way to larger than average drop-down holes, giving your herb a gentler "scissored" texture instead of pulverizing it. Customize your grinder with our Customization Kit or Bumper Rings.

Driven by innovation, quality & precision engineering, we manufacture the best American Made herb grinder ever.

4 Piece Medium Grinder Specs:

  • Diameter: 2.470" | Height: 2.225" | Weight: 6.8oz
  • Quick Lock Design - No More Cross Threading!
  • A Plethora Of Large Trapezoidal Drop Through Holes
  • Manufactured In The USA With Medical-Grade Materials
  • A Replaceable Screen Making It Easy To Clean Or Customize
  • A Bevelled Bottom Chamber With A Guitar Pick Scraper Included
  • Diametrically Cut Razor Sharp Teeth That Sheer Rather Than Shred
  • All Phoenician Grinders Come With A Limited Lifetime Warranty

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