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Phoenician Grinders are expertly engineered for the ultimate grinding and rolling experience. We source only premium materials to ensure the strength & longevity of our products. We also offer custom grinders for qualifying brands here.

Phoenician Grinder's diametrically cut teeth will sheer rather than shred your herb. The razor sharp teeth and large trapezoidal shaped drop-down holes will preserve the flavor & effects of your favorite buds and elevate your smoking experience. 

The quick lock mechanism is customizable based on how you want to use it! The tighter you twist, the tighter the lock. Customers with arthritis or weak hands? This feature is extremely beneficial for you. And an added bonus...you won't have to worry about cross threading!

Equipped with a fine micron, stainless steel screen which can be easily removed to be cleaned or replaced making it customizable to your preference

Made from medical-grade top of the line materials, Phoenician grinders were engineered to last, and serve in both form & function. We offer the World's best herb grinder.     

Phoenician herb grinders are built to last. With regular use all herb grinders do need to be cleaned from time to time, particularly more-so in humid climates or when used with extra sticky buds.

Taking good care of your herb grinder will make sure you get the best and most use of it, while maintaining your warranty coverage. Read more about Grinder Care here.  

COVERAGE: Phoenician Grinders confidently stands behind the functionality of our products with a limited-lifetime warranty. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty is applicable to grinders purchased through an authorized reseller or direct from Phoenician. This Limited Lifetime Warranty specifically, covers functional aspects of the grinder components, which include: the grinder teeth, the lock notch couplings and the screen brace. If any of these components exhibit damage that hinder normal operation we will be happy to send a replacement.

LIMITATIONS: Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover surface scratches, dents, chipped magnets, squeaky components, stripped screws, damaged screens, torn screens or general wear as a result of use. Any physical damage will void warranty. Only Amazon purchases through our Phoenician Grinders Brand Store (not third party) are covered under our warranty. The warranty does not cover any lost or stolen products or those damaged by improper cleaning.  For more information see Grinder Care.  

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Phoenician Grinders Teeth
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