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Grinder Upgrade Kit

Screens, Rings, Bumpers & More

by Phoenician

The Grinder Upgrade Kit is available in 3 sizes to perfectly fit our small, medium or large Phoenician 4 piece grinders. Our Upgrade Kit includes everything you need to take your grinder to the next level. The perfect add on to your Phoenician Grinder purchase!

We recognize that in time heavy users may want to replace their grinder screen. We also find that our users needs vary based on the moisture content & consistency of their herbs which is usually a factor of their region, climate & curing. To solve this problem, we designed our grinders to allow for the screen to be easily replaced & switched out with a micron that suits your season, climate & herbs.

In addition to this, the bumper rings are a great way to protect your grinder. Offering added grip & a layer of protection for your favorite herb grinder, our bumper rings act like a cell phone case for your grinder, keeping it in perfect condition. Prevent scratches & other physical damage that could void your limited lifetime warranty. Plus, you get a much better grip for grinding your buds to perfection!

Each Upgrade Kit Includes:

  • 2 Bumper Rings
  • 1 standard 300-micron screen
  • 1 course 400-micron screen
  • 1 fine 180-micron screen
  • 1 screen screw
  • 1 lexon ring
  • 1 allen key
  • 1 guitar pic
  • 1 sticker


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