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The product now known as Phoenician was an evolution that began in 2015, when a group of brilliant engineers patented the incredible innovations that have made us the best grinder in the world.

Our expert engineering & patented smart design includes unique features such as a quick lock threadless mechanism, a built in rolling paper dispenser, a built in ashtray and a replaceable screen.

Phoenician Grinder's diametrically cut teeth will sheer rather than shred your herb. The razor sharp teeth and large trapezoidal shaped drop-down holes will preserve the flavor & effects of your favorite buds and elevate your smoking experience. 

The quick lock mechanism is customizable based on how you want to use it! The tighter you twist, the tighter the lock. Customers with arthritis or weak hands? This feature is extremely beneficial for you. And an added won't have to worry about cross threading!

Equipped with a fine micron, stainless steel screen which can be easily removed to be cleaned or replaced making it customizable to your preference

Made from medical-grade top of the line materials, Phoenician grinders were engineered to last, and serve in both form & function. We offer the World's best herb grinder.     

Phoenician herb grinders are built to last. With regular use all herb grinders do need to be cleaned from time to time, particularly more-so in humid climates or when used with extra sticky buds. Taking good care of your herb grinder will make sure you get the best and most use of it, while maintaining your warranty coverage. Read more about Grinder Care here.  


BASIC CLEANING:Soak your Phoenician product in 90-99% isopropyl alcohol. Let sit for at least 12 hours. After removing, wash the product thoroughly with hot water and soap.

EXTRA DIRTY GRINDERS:If needed, you can use a toothbrush or Q-tips to assist in the removal of residue and buildup. You can repeat this process as many times as necessary until your grinding like new!

NATURAL CLEANING: Pick up a small bottle of hemp oil and gently Q-tip your grinder clean. Be sure to wash thoroughly with soap and hot water before using. 

DO NOT USE glass cleaners such as 420 Formula® or 710 Formula® to clean your grinder. These products may contain de-natured alcohol and other chemicals that can strip the anodize coating.

DO NOT boil your grinder in water. Any damage caused by improper cleaning will void any warranty.

Phoenician Grinders are made from DFARS compliant aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum. This is the same aluminum that is utilized for applications in airplanes, rockets, satellites and medical devices.


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We ship from Southern California within 1-2 business days. It generally takes 3-7 days for arrival in the United States. International orders can take up to 30 days.

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Unfortunately, we cannot prevent lost or stolen packages. If you selected the insured shipping option at checkout, we are able to file claims with the shipper.

In the event that your package says delivered and you cannot locate it, we recommend you take the following steps.

1. Check with your housemates & immediate neighbors.

2. Let your delivery driver know that it was marked delivered and you can't find it.

3. Contact your local hub and ask to open a tracer.


Warranty Registration must be submitted within 90 days of purchase.

COVERAGE:Phoenician Grinders confidently stands behind all of our manufacturing with a limited-lifetime warranty. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty is applicable to grinders purchased through an authorized reseller or directly from a Phoenician Grinders online channel. This Limited Lifetime Warranty specifically covers functional aspects of the grinder components. Functional components covered are: the grinder teeth, the lock notch couplings and the screen brace. If any of these functional components exhibit failure as result of manufacture defect, we will provide a replacement. 

LIMITATIONS:Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover surface scratches, dents, chipped magnets, squeaky components, stripped screws, damaged screens, torn screens or general wear & tear including fading of anodize coloring. Any physical damage will void all warranty coverage. Our warranty is exclusive to all registered purchases made directly from Phoenician Grinders and authorized retailers only. The warranty does not cover any lost or stolen products or those damaged by improper use or cleaning. 

For more information see Grinder Care

If you answer yes to all of these questions, your product may qualify for a replacement.

Did you register your product within 90 days of purchase?

Have 1 or more of the 4 major functions, teeth, magnet, locking mechanism or screen brace, failed as result of manufacturing?

Is your grinder free of physical damage?

Have you properly used, cared for and cleaned your grinder?

NOTE: Warranties do not cover physical damage, cosmetic damage, wear & tear, loss or theft.

If you qualify & are registered, you may file a claim here.


If you are not satisfied with your purchase & your grinder is 100% unused, you may return it for a full refund within 30 days.

Begin by creating a support ticket here: Support Ticket.

Our return policy on used grinders is the same as used underwear, not eligible for return!

On our end we will process returns & refunds within 1 business day. Your bank however will take 3-5 business days to process it on thier end.

No, we do not do exchanges. Any authorized returns are refunded fully. Our team is happy to build a new order for you, however this will be a seperate transaction.


This can happen if the grinder is closed too tightly, exceptionally dirty and/or is exposed to extreme temperatures.

The best way to resolve this issue is to place the grinder in the freezer for 12-24 hours. Waaalllaaa! Problem solved! 

If extremely dirty, soak for 24 hours in ISO alcohol prior.

#1 TIP: Less is more!

If you are having trouble grinding the product, try using 30% less product at a time.

This will usually do the trick but also make sure that the chunks you are placing inside are dime sized or smaller.

REMEMBER: The teeth need room to do thier job.

Disassemble all piece for a thorugh "bath".

Place them gently in a bowl or container filled with ISO Alcohol.

Soak for 12-24 hours. Rinse thoroughly & scrub with a tooth brush if needed.

Make sure that you are using the right micron size screen for your climate.

Our Upgrade Kit is designed to help you optimize your expierence.

In drier climates you will want the fine screen and in more humid climates you will want the course screen.

That's a lexon O ring to allow for a smooth grinding expierence. You need this for proper function.

If you break or loose it, you can purchase a replacement within our Upgrade Kit or seperately here.


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Wholesale orders up to $2500 may be paid by Credit Card. Orders over $2500 must be paid by bank deposit or bank wire. We currently do not accept COD or offer Terms. 

Please inspect all orders on arrival. If you are not happy with our products please notify us with 3 business days and we will facilitate a return & refund.

Unfortunately, we do not allow wholesale access to online sellers, including Amazon sellers. To protect the retail value of our products and the brick & mortar stores that have built us up over the years, we do not accept online retailers.

Yes we do! You can have your logo engraved on any of our current colors. We have a minimum order of 200 units, and 100 units per color/size.


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