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Driven By Innovation, Quality & Precision Engineering, We Manufacture The Best Herb Grinder Ever.

Our Quick Lock Design Makes Using A Grinder Easy. Never Struggle With Cross-Threading Again. The Harder You Twist, The Tighter It Locks! Preserve The Flavor & Effects Of Your Favorite Herbs With Our Diametrically Cut Razor Sharp Teeth That Sheer, Rather Than Shred Your Herb. 

Finished Off To Perfection With Extra Strong Rare Earth Magnets , A Replaceable Screen & A Beveled Bottom Chamber. Our Famous 4 Piece Large Grinder Features A Built-In Paper Holder & Ashtray For Your Convenience. Intelligently Designed & Precision Manufactured In The USA With Medical-Grade Materials. We Are Proud To Be The Most Unique, High Quality, Well Engineered & Best Herb Grinder On The Market.

The Large 4 Piece w Paper Holder


The Medium 4 Piece


The Small 4 Piece


The Opulent Collection


Ten Out Of Ten

I don't know why you wouldn’t buy this grinder. Clearly the best one out there

Finn K.

Customer Service Is Excellent!

Best Grinder on the market for the money! Company's Customer service goes Above and Beyond expectations! Would highly recommend.

Log D.

No More Stuck Grinder Parts

Phoenician is a beast and then some, I couldn't have been more impressed and satisfied with the final product results of this grinder. If you don't have one yet get one and see what makes this grinder awesome. What I love most is no more sticking or missing threading.

Anthony S.

My Trophy Grinder

This grinder will forever be my favorite grinder. It's the most gorgeous grinder ever and it works phenomenally after 5 years.

Danielle G.

Five Stars

This is an incredibly good grinder. It's definitely an investment, but it's worth every penny.

Sasha W.