What Makes Phoenician the World's Best Grinder?

December 09, 2022 5 min read

Are you buying mids? Then why would you use a basic grinder when you can have the best grinder to compliment those fire buds?

What makes a grinder a quality grinder? You may ask this when you stop by your local smoke shop or headshop based on their selection.

Oh they will have plenty of cheap grinders in every color you can imagine, with skulls or leaves etched into their lids, or handles sticking out of them, or batteries that go into them, or any number of other so-called features that do nothing to change the grinder game...and most importantly, your herb.

The best smoke shops, however, will always save space on their top shelves for high-quality smoking accessories so that when a customer comes through the door looking for a premium grinder they know right where to go.

For years now, that product has been a Phoenician herb grinder.

Made with the highest-grade materials and attention to detail, Phoenician Grinders have earned their reputation as the best grinder one happy customer at a time - just take a look at our reviews here.

Let’s have a look at some of the key features that keep Phoenician customers grinding herbs while our competitors just grind their teeth.


The herb grinder can be a fairly simple device which is why nearly all herb grinders look alike both inside and out.

In an attempt to stand out from the crowd of cheap, low-grade grinders, other quality grinder brands have recently begun to tout innovative new design elements but the fact is that many of their alleged innovations are simply less refined renditions of our original ideas.

With the customer in mind, we were able to perform unprecedented levels of Research & Development on every single aspect of our grinders. If there was a new or different way to do it, we did it every way possible to determine what works best for all end users.

Not what works best for our machines.

Not what works best for our bottom line.

Our goal is, and always has been, to provide what works best for the folks who add a Phoenician herb grinder to their stash, with an added focus on creating a product with unique medical patients’ needs in mind.


There is a reason why you can recognize a Phoenician Grinder from across the room and that is the unique aesthetic design that our products express.

Of course, form is nothing without function in the grinder game and each facet of our highly appealing look plays a role in the unrivaled ease of performance you get when grinding your herb in a Phoenician.

Instead of the ‘knurled’, or indented, look found on nearly every grinder ever produced, we have implemented more of a knobbed grip that is ergonomically pleasing and far easier to use for those who may have compromised grip strength. This feature is extremely beneficial for patients with arthritis. Phoenician also sells Bumper Rings if you need an extra grip!

Though the lid is held firmly shut by a powerful rare earth magnet, the rest of the grinder can be disassembled and reassembled with the simplest of twists to reveal something that Phoenician Grinders do not have – threads! 

That’s right, we are the originators of the truly threadless herb grinder. Instead, our game-changing locking notch system allows the user to tightly secure each section of their Phoenician herb grinder with one twist and loosen each section with one quick twist the other direction. The harder you twist, the tighter it locks!

Anyone who has used an herb grinder for a significant amount of time knows that the threads are usually the first part to fail as they get gummed up, cross-threaded, and difficult to use.

Since all sections of your Phoenician grinder have this feature, you can easily convert a 4-piece herb grinder into a 3-piece herb grinder with just a twist or two if that’s your style! It's completely customizable.

This is just one of the reasons why herb connoisseurs agree that Phoenician has the best grinders on the market but let’s look inside.


A peek inside most herb grinders is a dentist’s nightmare – too many teeth! From a simple physics standpoint, this makes no sense. More teeth must equal more friction. More friction just means more pulverization of your herbs instead of a true grind, as well as more work for your poor hands and wrists as all of those extra teeth just impede what can be a natural flow inside of the grinder.

We spent countless hours researching and testing not only the ideal number of teeth in the top chamber of an herb grinder, but precisely what shape they ought to be and in what pattern they should be arranged.

The result is a grinding chamber like you have never seen before.

For starters, you’ll notice that our grinder has roughly 50% fewer teeth than most other comparably sized herb grinders. You’ll also notice that the teeth a diametrically cut on a radial curve and are staggered in relation to one another’s placement. This natural, radial flow leads to the least amount of friction and contact necessary, mimicking the slice of a sharp pair of shears instead of the mortar and pestle tech found in other grinders. No more pulverizing your buds!

This minimal contact grind combines with our unique triangular-shaped larger than average dropdown holes to produce an ideal grind texture for rolling up, packing up, or straight up lighting up.


All 4pc herb grinders have some sort of a mesh screen resting between the bottom chamber and the chamber above where the ground herbs are stored. The size of the holes on that screen was selected to allow the miniscule bits of potent pollen that becomes separated from your herbs to pass through while leaving the bulkier plant material itself up top.

As with all parts of an herb grinder, that screen can get gummed up with the resins that are stripped from the herbs during the grind so it is incredible to us that some brands still seal that mesh screen into the grinder with no way to remove and/or replace it.

Every version of Phoenician Grinders features a removeable and replaceable stainless-steel mesh screen. This makes it easier than ever to pop that screen out and clean it or replace it with a screen that has a higher or lower micron rating (tighter or looser mesh).

Our ultra-thick mesh screens rest naturally in place in your Phoenician Grinder, unlike the other guys who stretch the thinnest screen they can buy as tightly as they can, sealing it into their grinders so that when the screen fails, the entire grinder must be replaced.

That’s just crazy, so we engineered a solution for that. Check out our Customization Kits here.


The bottom chamber of the Phoenician Grinder features yet another aspect that is finally being imitated – the rounded, beveled edge around the inside of the final section. For… well… ever, herb grinders had a squared corner in that pollen collection chamber, making the collection of that pollen a frustrating and inefficient experience.

Along came Phoenician, the best herb grinder, with such a simple upgrade it’s amazing it hadn’t happened already. The bowl-like edge makes the removal of fine or powdery substances easier than ever. Now that we have done it, it would be crazy to do it any other way.

All Phoenician Grinders are made using the highest grade 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum. The standard tolerance allowance for most aerospace and medical applications is +/- 0.010”, here at Phoenician every grinder we produce is held to a tolerance of +/- 0.002” on all features.

Everything from the packaging, raw materials, the magnets, the replaceable screen…all the features setting Phoenician apart from the rest.

The bottom line is this: The best grinder in the World is made by Phoenician. 

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