Hey, Buddy, You’re Using Your Cannabis Grinder Wrong

May 01, 2024 3 min read

…or maybe you didn’t choose the right cannabis grinder to begin with.

Phoenician: The Best Weed Grinders Online

One glance at the weed grinder shelf at your local headshop or smoke shop likely reveals a lineup of different shapes, sizes, colors, composite materials, and supposed features.

Right off the bat, if you are buying any of the following, you’re f’n up, friend: 

  • Plastic cannabis grinders (unless you like smoking plastic)
  • Weed grinders shaped like unrelated objects (we’re looking at you, Sgt. Grenade Grinder)
  • Marijuana grinders with images of celebrities or cartoon characters sloppily emblazoned on them (if they don’t care about copyright infringement, they probably don’t care about quality either)

    Who Wants A Cannabis Grinder Made Of Cake?
Person: "I got a new weed grinder made out of cake!
Us: Y tho?
  • Battery powered or motorized cannabis grinders (vroomVROOM left your bud in the dust)
  • Wood weed grinders (we ‘wooden’ use it on brick weed let alone our dank stash!)
  • That one you’ve never heard of but it’s waaaaay cheaper than the others!

Now then, assuming that you didn’t fall into that trap that too many stores are setting, and that you wound up with a reputable name brand cannabis grinder, the rest is easy, right? Just cram it full of flower, twist the lid till it spins smoothly, and then load the results in your favorite blunt wrap, rolling papers, pipe, bong, or bubbler bowl and hit it hard and hot… right?

Well, that’s certainly one way, and it is definitely what we see happening at seshes and cannabis events across the country. And although it’s not necessarily “wrong” as our headline teases, we feel there is a better way to grind cannabis, and even a best way to optimize this crucial aspect of the smoking ceremony.


The most common mistake that we see people making with any style or brand of manually operated / hand-turned weed grinders is that they jam way too much bud in the top chamber, then they spin, spin, spin, spin the lid over and over and over again, waiting for little or no resistance from within.

99 times out of 100, you have pulverized your pot by doing this, and that’s not a good thing.

In your attempt to essentially fit a square peg into a round hole, you have bullied and beaten your buds into a powdery, fast-burning filler instead of a pillowy, smooth smoking flower.

Don’t beat yourself up now, buddy! It’s highly likely that your misuse of your cannabis grinder is due in large part to poorly planned design ‘features’ found in the vast majority of herb grinders on the market today. 

Two of the biggest culprits of overgrinding are dull or misshapen cutting teeth and/or small and poorly placed dropdown holes. Add in some poor ergonomic design (looking a\t you, nearly EVERY CANNABIS GRINDER BRAND) and you have a perfect storm for cannabis trichome and terpene annihilation.

Some grinders, like the Flower Mill, encourage their users to load buds full of stems right into the grinding chamber, claiming that their grooved, toothless “milling” system will remove the stems for you. Nope, pulverized weed and stems all blended together. Back to the drawing boards…

One of the first things people notice when they first get their hands on a Phoenician Grinder is how substantial and high quality it feels. The grippy, ergonomic design dates back to our origin story of being the world’s first medical grade cannabis grinder, allowing folks with compromised grip strength to easily and safely slice through some sensi. 

Phoenician: The Best Weed Grinders Online

Opening the lid on a 4-piece grinder from Phoenician reveals a divine array of precision-designed teeth expertly placed among a minefield of oversized oval dropdown holes. With just a simple quarter turn forward, then back, your Phoenician Grinder will turn even the stickiest, stankiest buds into a pile of glistening ganja resembling a meticulous session of scissoring your weed

That quarter turn is the key! Anything more and you are needlessly abusing the plant and absolutely cutting into the quality of the experience to come.

Next time a buddy pulls out his or her cannabis grinder, or the next time you find yourself in a headshop or smokeshop selling them, open them up and analyze every aspect and determine for yourself if each one is a feature or a failure.

Phoenician Grinders proudly FEATURE patented design elements perfected over years of in-house research and development that each add to the optimization of the cannabis consumption experience. If you know, you know.

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