Can a Great Cannabis Grinder Make Your Weed Better?

April 24, 2024 3 min read

We get some form of this question quite a bit here at Phoenician Grinders - ‘Why would I pay for a top quality cannabis grinder, will it make my weed better?’

Phoenician: The Best Weed Grinders OnlineFor... well... ever, we were accustomed to shelling out 40-60 per eighth for a ziplock bag of some sticky buds. You might get a quarter for 90 or 100, or a “deal” on a zip for 250-300. These prices were set by the age-old economic law of Supply & Demand mixed with a potent dose of the risk that came along with buying and selling weed pre-legalization, in the height of the War on Drugs.

We know because we were there, pushing trees. Like the late, great cannabis activist Mickey Martin liked to say, “Slangin' weed sacks brought me here!” Us too, Mick.

But now, with cannabis supposedly being ”LeGaL”, somehow that same price structure stuck, with a whole heap of added taxes stacked on top. Simply put, legal weed is expensive, buds!

It is not uncommon for a daily cannabis consumer to run anywhere from an eighth to a quad of high grade dank through their favorite weed grinder  every day. Salute to you hardcore heavy hitters! Scoring that much bud every week/month at the local dispensary can chew up a lot of disposable income, no matter who you are. Even if you are fortunate enough to still have a plug, and you can skip the supply chain, it all adds up when you puff tough.

So, to the question at hand - can the best weed grinders spin hay into gold?

Not exactly. Sorry, fam, mids are mids and boof is boof but for those of you who do get your hands on worthwhile weed or even top shelf exotics, here are a few examples of how having the world’s best weed grinder from Phoenician Grinders can elevate your experience and stretch your stash.

Phoenician Grinders - Best Weed Grinder 2024

  • We all know that the real magic of the cannabis plant resides in the tiny, shiny, bulbous crystals that coat good cannabis, formally known as trichomes.

    As a cannabis flower consumer, you want to either consume or collect as many of those sticky and fragile trichome heads as possible and there are certain features found on some high grade grinders like Phoenician that definitely help to preserve and protect those precious trichs.

    Seemingly meaningless design elements like sharp teeth, large dropdown holes, proper mesh screens, and beveled edges inside the collection chamber are just some of the ways that Phoenician Grinders can literally get you higher than you will if you are still using an inferior grinder that pulverizes those trichomes.

    Phoenician: The Best Weed Grinders Online

  • Almost all cannabis grinders, even some of the most popular brands like Santa Cruz Shredder, tend to turn even the best, freshest, juiciest nugs into dust.

    That superfine grind not only combines remnants of obliterated stems and other waste, but it leads to a fast, hot burn whether by blunt, bong, bowl, or joint. That rapid combustion delivers less flavor and desired effects than a naturally evenly burning bowl or roll.

    Not only that, but it burns through your stash way too fast!

    Just a couple of quarter turns with your Phoenician Grinder will result in a much more usable “scissored” finish - a favorite feature among our best blunt and joint rollers out there.


  • Sticking with trichome talk, if you are into collecting kief it is crucial that you choose the best cannabis grinder. Armed with a 4-Piece Cannabis Grinder from Phoenician you will have a simple feature that too many brands lack - a removable mesh screen.

    Not only does this make cleaning your entire Phoenician Grinder a breeze, it allows you to upgrade that stainless steel mesh screen to varying micron sizes sold in Phoenician Grinders Upgrade Kits!

    Some trichomes are plump, some are more compact. Some weed is dry, some still holds some moisture. Different strains of cannabis dump trichomes in different quantities. Dialing in your mesh to the perfect micron will lead to a mountain of high grade kief which is a tried and true method for making the most out of each bag of weed.

    So yeah, not only will a Phoenician Grinder save your trichomes, it’ll save you some big money when you look at the big picture!

The Bottom Line on The World’s Best Weed Grinder

Here at Phoenician Grinders, we care about trichomes and terpenes, and cultivars, and strains, and all the things that make smoking weed such a rewarding experience. We have designed the world’s best weed grinder to our own high demands and we are proud to produce and provide them to this culture that we love.

Take your grind up a notch with Phoenician Grinders.

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